Titusville YMCA


In 2012, the Titusville YMCA underwent its largest and most vital transition in its 100 year history. Our community has evolved, and so have the needs of our members and those we serve with our diverse and dynamic programs.

The Titusville YMCA announces its second capital campaign within the past 5 years.  In 2014, the goal of raising $2.2 million and moving into a renovated and newly constructed Wellness Center was realized.  The focus of the previous campaign was to move out of the outdated 100 year old building into a newer, more accessible facility with additional program space to better serve our community’s needs. 

The YMCA’s current campaign will allow us to continue to serve the ever-changing needs of the community.  This project will expand our wellness center to include a child watch area, a youth and teen activity area and exercise studios for continuing our health and wellness initiatives.  It will also include a pool addition with expanded locker room space, which will allow us once again to offer aquatic programs such as swim lessons, aquatic exercise classes, and adult and family pool time.  In addition to the two expansion projects, a new parking lot will be added offering twice the current parking for our members and guests.  

This capital project will enable our YMCA to be a full-service facility that meets the needs of our community.  We are passionate about the good work of the Y and are proud of what we do each and every day.  We thank you for your past, ongoing and future support.  We invite you to learn how you can aid in continuing the cause-driven work of the YMCA. 

If you have questions or require additional information please contact:
Kim Ciccarelli, Chief Executive Officer
(814) 827-3931 Or e-mail: info@titusvilleymca.org

A member of our Capital Campaign team will gladly answer any of your questions or provide additional information to you at your convenience.

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