Titusville YMCA


The Titusville YMCA Wellness Center is excited to announce that we will be reopening the Wellness Center, Free Weight Room, and Track on Friday, June 5. Limited Group Exercise classes and youth programming will start on Monday, June 8. 

Our members can expect the following changes when they return:

  • Hours: Monday – Friday 6am-7pm and Saturday 8am-12pm
  • There will be limited 50% occupancy in open areas of the building. Occupancy numbers will be posted in each area.
  • Wellness Center equipment will be spread out to follow mandated 6-10 ft. guidelines.  Some equipment will be set up for use in other areas of the building to have things spaced out.
  • There will be new entry procedures, including answering COVID 19 related questions from the CDC and temperature checks.
  • There will be directional signage to follow for entering/exiting the building to limit contact.
  • All members will be required to sign a waiver and Code of Conduct form.
  • Staff are required to wear masks (except when teaching a group exercise class)
  • Members must wear masks entering and moving about the facility.  Masks are not required while exercising. 
  • Members will receive a spray bottle with approved disinfectant upon entering the building.  Disinfect equipment before and after use.  Return bottles to designated spot upon leaving the facility. Staff will also be doing additional cleaning.
  • No guests or non-members will be permitted to use the facility during this phase.
  • New members are welcome to join the Y.
  • No one under 13 years old will be permitted in the building, unless they are a registered participant in one of our youth programs. Teens ages 13 & 14 will be required to be with an adult.
  • We are asking members to limit their workouts to one hour or less due to the limited capacity that we are currently required to follow.
  • There will be no charge for group exercise and cycling classes during this Phase.
  • Group Exercise classes will be restricted to cycling and classes that do not use equipment.  Registration is required for all classes.
  • Locker rooms will be closed during this phase.  Members are expected to come prepared to exercise. The restrooms off of the gym will be open for use.
  • Members are required to bring their own water bottles from home. 
  • There will be no Coffee or water service

The following programs/activities/areas will NOT be available for member/staff safety and due to guidelines that we are required to follow:

  • Gymnastics
  • Swim Lessons
  • Pickleball
  • Open Gym
  • Group Exercise classes that require equipment, other than cycle
  • Community Room
  • Locker Room
  • Café

We appreciate your patience with us and each other as these new procedures and policies are introduced.  They will be updated as we move into the next phase.  We are hoping this phase will last only a couple of weeks. We will continue to make informed decisions in the best interest of our staff and members, while following the guidelines given to us from our insurance company, the CDC, Department of Health and our Y State Alliance.

Welcome back!!