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Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the Capital Expansion project.  If you have other questions or require additional information please contact:

  • Kim Ciccarelli, Chief Executive Officer, (814) 827-3931
  • Michael Waychoff, Chief Operations & Development Officer, (814) 775-0357
  • Or E-mail: info@titusvilleymca.org

A member of our Capital Campaign team will gladly answer any of your questions or provide additional information to you at your convenience.

Q: What will the expansion include?

A: The project will include two major additions to make your YMCA experience more enjoyable! One addition will be to the current parking lot side of the Wellness Center. This addition will house a child watch area with restrooms for a 1-2 hour drop-off, a youth and teen activities area, exercise studios, additional office space, and restrooms. The other addition will be a 3-lane pool which will be located in the green space along 1st Street, and will be accessible through the existing locker rooms. The pool will allow for us to once again offer swim lessons for infants, youth, and adults, water fitness programs, and open/family swims. A new parking lot will also be constructed in the green space in front of the current Wellness Center entrance.

Q: Which part of the expansion will be completed first?

A: We are hoping that the construction of each addition will be completed simultaneously, but ultimately that’s for you to decide! Some donors will choose to have their gifts go toward a specific addition, while others will leave their gifts unrestricted going toward the project as a whole. All of these gifts will be tracked to determine the progress of each addition.

Q: When will the expansion be finished?

A: Our target goal is three years. Completion of the expansion is dependent on community support, so this goal could be reached sooner or later. When the project reaches its goal, construction will begin. One addition could reach its goal before the other, in which case construction on that addition would begin first.

Q: Will the Y’s hours of operation change?

A: Yes! We hope to increase our hours to better serve our increasing membership, and to include more weekend hours.

Q: Will the expansion impact how much I pay for my Y membership?

A: We will continue to offer competitive pricing similar to full service YMCA’s in the area.

Q: Will the Y still be able to support families in need?

A: Providing affordable programs, services, and child care for families in need will remain a priority for us and is part of our mission as a YMCA. In fact, the project will increase our capacity to serve our community and families in need. Financial assistance is always available through donations from community members and businesses. In 2014 alone, the Titusville YMCA gave $1,255,790 in assistance for programs and services.

Q: Will the expansion interrupt programming or any of the current service area during construction?

A: We hope to run business as usual; however, there may be times, for the safety of the members, that we have to temporarily close an area. Any interruptions should be minimal and well worth the inconvenience.

Q: Will there be more parking?

A: Yes! The new parking lot will over double the current amount of parking available for members.

Q: What is happening with the former downtown Y building?

A: There has been expressed interest in the former downtown Y building and YMCA administration hopes to have the downtown facility transferred to a new owner in the not-so-distant future.

Q: How much space will be added with this expansion?

A: The addition of the child watch area, youth and teen centers, group exercise studios, restrooms, and office will be 8,800 square feet. The pool will be 5,700 square feet. This makes for 14,500 additional square feet, for a total of 35,049 square feet in the Wellness Center when the expansion is completed. Additionally, the education center is 21,474 square feet, giving the Titusville YMCA a total of 56,523 square feet for its programs and services.

Q: How will this expansion benefit the community?

A: In so many ways! Our vision is to build a stronger community through the increased programs and services that will be offered at the Y with this expansion. We see a future in which more children are nurtured and developed, more teens are provided a safe, encouraging environment, more adults are pro-actively taking care of their health, more families are creating a stronger bond, and more seniors are staying active to continue an independent lifestyle. This expansion will increase our capacity to do all of these things through swim lessons, water safety, low impact water exercise, dedicated space for your little ones in the child watch area and youth and teen areas, more space available for family activities, dedicated space for group exercise and cycling, and much, much more!

Q: What is the total cost of the expansion?

A: The total projected cost of the expansion is $3,910,780.

Q: How can I support this expansion?

A: YOU can have a huge impact in supporting the Y’s cause and our community through a charitable contribution of any size. It is the community that builds a YMCA and the community that benefits from and supports the long term viability of their YMCA. Donations can easily and securely be made on our website, www.TitusvilleYMCA.org. Pledge forms are also available on our website and at the YMCA Wellness Center and Education Center.

Q: How can I stay up-to-date on the progress of the project?

A: Staying up-to-date on the progress of this project is easy! Frequent updates will be made to our website, our Facebook page, news articles, and our campaign meter in front of the building. Also, you can always ask YMCA staff for updates when you stop in!